Meridian Technologies

Our mission:

To be the trusted partner of premiere Software Product companies in Russia and CIS and facilitate businesses with the 'Power of People, Relationship and Technology'

About Company

Meridian Technologies was officially registered in the territory of the Russian Federation in 2003 as a business vertical under Meridian Group of companies. We have been working with leading international software product companies as their business partners for Russia and CIS.

We have presence in more than twenty regions of Russia in large cities such as Moscow, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Kazan and Voronezh as well as in the FSU countries- Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus.

Today more than 250 highly qualified specialists work in the representative offices of the company.

Over the past few years, Meridian Technologies has built strong relationships with federal ministries, academies, regional administrations, chambers of commerce and other institutions, as well as strategic alliances with large private companies and corporate houses including those offering services in the field of system integration, as well as in the banking, metallurgical, oil and gas sectors.

On the software reselling front, we promote leading software products in domains such as risk & compliance, business process & work flow management, software testing, banking solutions (credit card & treasury modules), etc. primarily focusing on BFSI, software development companies and academia.

The business is supported by a team of in-house engineers, domain experts, business development and sales force, technical support as well as external consultants.

We also have an IT training division of the company, which is facilitated by Meridian Computer Academy, a 100% subsidiary of Meridian Technologies. We are master franchisee for Aptech Limited, a global IT training company for Russia & CIS territory.

Over the past 15 years, we have gained leadership position and set up over 50 profit centres (franchisees) across the territory having both university-based and stand-alone international IT training centres.

We have a strong team of over 250+ Aptech certified faculties/ trainers (full and part-time) spread across several regions in Russia and in the CIS countries. We are one of the few players offering long-term career oriented programs (duration up to 2.5 years) in software technologies, animation, multimedia, hardware and networking. We also run short-term (up to 6 months) professional courses at our centres (Microsoft certified).

Besides the instructor-led retail model, we also do corporate and institutional training through our partners on the latest cutting – edge technologies like AI, Cyber Security, Ethical Hacking, Cloud Computing, Big Data, IoT, Six Sigma, etc.

We have recently launched our online distance-learning platform (awa.training) where we offer courses through webinars to tap our wide geographical spread.



Programming, design and English courses on franchising model


Distribution of software from well-known world manufacturers


Provision of consulting services in Russia and CIS countries

About Meridian Group

Meridian Group entered the Russian market in 1992 and currently has an extensive presence across the territory (Russia and CIS) as well a deep understanding of the markets and their specific intricacies. It has worked across segments of FMCG, Telecom, IT, consumer electronics, innovative industrial products, etc.

The group cos. have launched major international brands in Russia, building them from ground zero to a significant scale for companies such as Aptech, Cadburys, Schweppes, SC Johnson, Danone, etc. as well as having created our own brands, eg. in mobile phone,‘Fly’, that was bigger than Samsung at it’s peak. The core team was involved in launching companies such as CISCO, Xerox and Danone in Russia.

Meridian Group is a team of seasoned professionals and management having extensive IT, engineering, technical, financial, sales & marketing backgrounds. The team has an international mindset with a focused approach to local markets, and in addition has decades of experience starting, developing and adapting businesses in the Russian market.

As a group, we have a deep understanding of the economic, social, political, legal and regulatory aspects of doing businesses in Russia and CIS. We have working experience and relationships in various capacities with the leading companies in the technology, telecom, system integration, consulting, recruitment, finance, oil and gas, consumer electronics distribution, educational sectors, etc.

With our international roots and cultural diversity, we closely understand the needs and expectations of our international business partners and at the same time can overcome the localization barriers, that can be very challenging at times in these markets.

Most of MG’s past and existing business verticals have been/are leaders in their respective sectors. At it’s peak the mobile handset business had a revenue in excess of $ 500 mln and the FMCG business had in excess of $ 400 mln.

Meridian Technologies
Business park “Derbenevsky”, building 5, entrance 53, floor 2, Derbenevskaya st. 1, Moscow, Russia, 115114